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Super Mario Bros Wonder - Nintendo Switch


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Brand: Nintendo

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Something wonderful is happening in the Mushroom Kingdom. Mario Bros. and their friends are about to experience their craziest adventure yet. The new Wonder Flowers' effects are wild – can you imagine things like Elephant Mario or Peach transforming into a giant spiked ball? Poor Goombas! And Wonder Effects just turn the whole world on its head. Pipes coming to life, dimensions stretching, herds of hippos rolling around – complete madness. But look out, it wouldn't be Bowser if he wasn't planning to take advantage of all the wonders happening!

Good to know

- This adventure goes back to Mario's roots – it's a classic side-scrolling platformer
- Gather your friends and play all together on a single screen in an up to 4-player co-op
- You can choose your character – there're Mario Bros., Peach and Daisy, Toad and even Yoshi's playable


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