If you need cash but do not want to sell your items then you need our Buy Back scheme. We pay you cash now! Then you have up to 28 days to buy the item back (fees apply*)

You can use our Buy Back scheme against anything of value.

*Our Buy Back scheme agreement runs up to 28 days from the date of signing and a Buy Back charge applies at time of repurchase. Items can be held for longer (fees apply)


  1. All gold and silver and precious metals (including all broken items)

  2. Audio visuals - stereos and Hi-Fi, video, personal audio, and MP3 players, etc.

  3. Digital cameras and camcorders

  4. Musical instruments

  5. Games consoles - Xbox , PS4, Nintendo

  6. PS4 games and Xbox One games

  7. Smart phones

  8. Bike/scooters

  9. Anything that has value