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Brand: Shimano

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The Shimano Beastmaster XT-A is certainly a carp reel

that lives up to its name.

In a contemporary matt black colour,

this reel more than looks the part

on the bank but it's the technology at play on the Beastmaster XT-A that really makes it stand out from the crowd.

The first thing you'll notice about this

reel is its huge tapered spool.

This makes it ideal for those

anglers who like to punch out to the far bank and allows you to create huge long distances casts.

the spool has been built and designed on the AR-C concept.

This uses a v-shaped spool lip in order to let line from the spool in tightly controlled coils, reducing the risk of wrap-arounds, snagging, or an excess of friction build up

-the prevention of which allows you to achieved staggering distance casts with incredible accuracy.

The AR-C spool

operates on the Baitrunner II

spool system, too. As the name suggests,

this is the newly updated version of Shimano's famous Baitrunner drag system.

Ideal for the angler who likes to target huge fish whilst carp fishing, this drag system allows you to transform from a controlled freespool to your main drag in less than half a turn. Unlike the traditional Baitrunner system, which operates from the rear of the reel, Baitrunner II is operated from a lever at the front of the reel. This places it right up there with your main drag control, ensuring that you're never having the fumble between the two. If you want to play a big fish under your rod tip then you need look no further than this Beastmaster XT-A.

This really is a reel that has been designed with big fish in mind

-and it shows! Every element of its design is geared towards durability, resilience,

and performance excellence. Described by Shimano as being virtually unbreakable,

this is a reel that will thrive under difficult angling conditions and

is perfect for when the going gets tough. An easily accessible maintenance port also ensures that this reel will keep running as long as you do!

As you might expect from a top end Shimano reel, Beastmaster XT-A features all the technologies that ensure it is a high class performer.

This includes the likes of DynaBalance; one of Shiman's most popular and widely used technologies.

DynaBalance is a counter balance system that operates within the rotor of the reel, preventing reel wobble. This enhances the sensitivity of the reel, allowing you to respond with confidence to each and every take.

Shimano's Power Roller is another technology to feature on the reel and it ensures that the risk of line twist is significantly reduced.

This ensures that you can fish with thin monofilament lines, as well as braided mainlines, with confidence. Also on the fishing line front, the reel boasts Aero Wrap II. This is a two speed worm gear oscillation system which ensures that you can enjoy impeccable line lay - time after time.

This, in turn, reduces loss of energy on the cast, helping to maintain the distance casting credentials of the reel.

With a folding handle the Beastmaster XT-A will comfortably sit in any rod holdall, even with other big pit reels, and makes for easy transportation and storage. This is ideal for the carp angler who likes to fish at distance with a three rod setup, as you'll comfortably be able to fit your Beastmaster XT-A in your luggage with the rest of your carp fishing gear.

When you're tackling a huge fish, unleash the beast!

Comes with 12 months warrantyl


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