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The synth that built Acid House

Intended as a digital replacement for bass guitars, the original 303 sought to create powerful bass sounds for use in pop and dance music in the early '80s. The bass tones it created were more squelchy and chirping than your standard bass guitar. Because of this happy accident, the 303 would not be used to its full potential until the rise of dance music in the late '80s and early '90s. The original was used to create the foundation of the Acid House and EDM in the early 90s.

Behringer have taken great care to replicate the sound and look of the original, with the addition of MIDI and USB connectivity. Behringer has authentically reproduced the original circuitry, with a pure analog signal path based on the VCO, VCF and VCA designs. You can create a wide range of sounds and bass tones as well as rhythms, using the onboard 16-step sequencer. The versatile sequencer features seven tracks in total, with each track featuring 250 user patterns. The synth also has a built-in arpeggiator for creating rhythmic patterns.

Create powerful sounds with waveshaping capabilities

At the heart of the TD-3 is a vintage-style oscillator. The Voltage Controlled Oscillator (VCO) features transistor wave-shaping circuitry. This allows you to toggle between reverse-sawtooth and pulse waveforms, providing flexible sound design options. Coupled with the pure analog signal path, the Behringer TD-3 delivers ultra-flexible sound shaping capabilities. Create everything from fat basses to stunning lead tones.

Classic 4-pole low-pass filter and built-in distortion

Keeping true to the original, the TD-3 features a 24dB/octave filter, providing the classic and iconic sound that is so sought after. This unique filter was paramount in shaping the tonal style of the original. You can dial in the low-pass cutoff frequency and resonance settings with precision, allowing you to easily shape your tones.

Another way to modulate your waveforms is the built-in distortion. From sound shaping to live performances, the distortion will add a touch of flare to any sound you create. Based on the original distortion circuitry, this powerful effect is accessed by a simple on/off switch. Once activated, you can get hands-on with the distortion circuit, using the 'Drive' control to dial in the required level. From subtle overtones to in-your-face power, the distortion circuit is sure to add a new level of fun to your music making.

Poly-chaining and MIDI/USB connectivity

The compact and robust design makes the TD-3 highly portable. Get creative wherever you go, with its intuitive and ergonomic layout making it easy to get started right out of the box. The synth features 11 controls and 28 switches in total, more than enough for getting hands-on with your sound design.

Updating the design for the modern world, Behringer has implemented a 16-voice Poly Chain. This allows you to combine multiple synthesizers with the TD-3, for up to 16 voice polyphony. This can be highly useful when it comes to sound design, allowing you to unlock your inspiration and take your capabilities to the next level.

The TD-3 also adds USB and MIDI connectivity. This allows you to use the TD-3 with your computer or other MIDI devices. This means you can now use the classic 303 sound for digital music production, without the need for tedious cabling.


  • Amazing Bass Line synthesizer with true analog circuitry for bass and groove sounds
  • Authentic reproduction of original circuitry with matched transistors
  • Pure analog signal path based on legendary VCO, VCF and VCA designs
  • Sawtooth and square waveform VCO with transistor wave-shaping circuitry
  • Amazing 4-pole low-pass resonant filter with cut-off, resonance, envelope, decay and accent controls
  • Easy-to-use 16-step sequencer with 7 tracks, each with 250 user patterns
  • Arpeggiator with wide patterns for great sound effects
  • Distortion circuitry modeled after DS-1-style circuit, adds insane spice and edge to your sounds
  • 16-voice Poly Chain allows combining multiple synthesizers for up to 16 voice polyphony
  • 11 controls and 28 switches to give you direct and real-time access to all important parameters
  • MIDI and USB implementation with MIDI channel and Voice Priority selection
  • 3-Year Warranty Program
  • Designed and engineered in Italy


  • Product Code: TD-3-BK

12 Month Warranty 


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